7 ways on how to deal with bullies

According to Wikipedia, Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.

1. Connect with friends

Having faithful friends and supportive adults can make bully flee away from you cause troubling you means troubling them. So make them know that it’s not just you.

2. Threaten the bully

Give the bully a serious warning, tell them you are not scared, speak even things you actually cannot do. A bully will even become afraid of you.

3.Be Confident(show no fear)

“Bullies lose their power if you don’t cower. They admire you for speaking with self-assurance and confidence. So when they bombard, don’t counterpunch. Rather, win them over with your strong, firm, courteous demeanor.” Show no weird or emotional look on your face.

4. Say your mind

Freely say your mind to the bully and makes him/her know your mind or intention against them, this really scares them off.

5. Act quickly and consistently.

Sometimes, bullying begins in a relatively mild form—name calling, teasing, or minor physical aggression. After the bully has tested the victim and knows that a victim is not going to tell an adult and stand up for his rights, the aggression worsens.” So act quickly and letting the bully know you are tough and show aggression also.

6.Talk to higher authorities

If in school you can report to the higher authorities in the school, same to market place and other places.

7. Speak boldly, speak less

Speaking boldly makes a bully know you will be tough and you are not a kind of person that can be bullied.

Speak less, yes speak less cause it makes you take with sense, talk wisely and makes them feel stupid.

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