Jose Mourinho gives Messi new name

Barcelona vs Liverpool: Mourinho gives Messi new name

Former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has given Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi a new name, describing the Argentine as ‘the God of Football.’

This follows Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Liverpool on Wednesday.

Messi struck twice in the second half of the Champions League semi-final first leg at Camp Nou as Barcelona beat Liverpool 3-0.

It was the same scoreline they used in defeating Manchester United in the quarter-final second leg.

Manchester Evening News quoted the former Real Madrid boss as saying that, “God of Football made it completely different,” when he talked about Messi’s performance during the game.

Fabinho and even [Roberto] Firmino looks small [for the Messi’s free-kick] but is not small.

Firmino is the last one but this side, the goalkeeper gave one metre to the diagonal to cover that situation and it’s impossible to stop.

“Luis Suarez’s movement [for the first goal] is phenomenal. One metre here, and I bring the defender with me, at least mentally because the defender thinks I’m going in that direction and now I’m going to attack the space in front. And goodbye

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