7 Things you see daily and you do not know their purpose

Things you see daily and you do not know their purpose

Have you ever wondered the purpose of some things you see every day but you do not know their meaning such as small plastic discs inside a bottle top or some metal like buttons on the pockets of your jeans? I am going to explain the purpose of this things you and probably don’t know why they are there or see them as waste of resources.

1. The first is the stripes on your headphones or earphones jack-

These mostly are on the jack that you enter into your phone of music devices. Mostly they are dark like rings that might look like they are for decoration. They serve as purpose for to protect the wire that transmits sound to the head phones. They are usually two to three rings one for the left headphone and the other for the right and the other is neutral.

2. Notebook margins-

when you view your book there is always margins on your far left with mostly a red line that separates them from your work. Most people believe it is left for corrections and rough work but the main purpose is to prevent your work from damage by animals such as rats that feed on book edges.

3. The plastic disc under the plastic bottle top of your bottle or soda-

most people see it and they do not know their purpose. They help to keep gases in the drink intact and avoid it from escaping and prevent air from outside from getting in.

4. The hole on your lollipop sweet-

most children see that hole as a whistle since it produces sound when air is blown through it. The purpose of the hole at the end of the stick is to prevent a person from choking accidentally by the sweet.

5. The hole in your ball pen lid and the hole in your pen

For the lid the purpose is to prevent you from accidentally swallowing the lid whereas the hole on middle of pen shaft helps circulation of air in the pen to prevent creation of a vacuum in the pen that would make the ink come out.

6. The button like metal rivets on the jeans pocket

They are put there to prevent your jean pockets from ripping open when placed under strenuous activity since people wear jeans mostly to strenuous work or walk.

7. What’s that little jean pocket used for

The pocket is a “watch pocket”, small enough to keep a pocket watch.

It was explained that Levis introduced the pockets to cater for cowboys pocket watches.

It’s a tradition; an authentic construction of the jean. It was product innovation before that was a buzzword … We keep the fifth pocket for the vintage integrity of our jeans. We make jeans that uphold our denim roots.”

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