Messi reveals the player who will take over as the world “best” when he retires

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi has revealed Ousmane Dembele could be the best player in the world if he gets his attitude right. Messi said it’s up to 21-year-old Dembele how far he wants to go in the game.

On the pitch (Dembele) is a phenomenon and it depends on him (how good he becomes). He has all the opportunity in the world to do what he wants. He can be one of the best. “On the other hand, he’s a young guy who is adapting to the city and the club. The less you speak about it, the better. It’s necessary to leave him so he can be calm. “He has already realised his mistakes and has rectified them. We are going to help him focus on football.”

Messi’s reference to possible distractions away from the pitch is a timely one for Dembele. Former France international and Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram recently offered Dembele advice along similar lines. Speaking to Marca‘s Luis F. Rojo, World Cup-winner Thuram cautioned Dembele about the need to follow the examples of more experienced players around him.

Thuram has also spoken of Dembele’s need to stay focused both on and off the pitch.
However, Thuram also said Dembele’s off-pitch antics shouldn’t be blown out of proportion: “Nor should we make a drama out of this subject. If I started talking about the players I saw in my career who didn’t do everything right, I wouldn’t be able to stop talking for a month.” Dembele and Barcelona return to action when the La Liga resume again on January 3rd.

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