6 Things Your Urine Say About Your Health

The kidneys play crucial roles in the body, notable among which is the

formation of urine, through the medium of urine the kidneys eliminates excess water ,toxin and nitrogenous waste product of metabolism like urea from the body.

However,you need to look at your urine because it says a lot about your health and your diet,which can help you with daily nutrition intake . The color of your urine reveals whether you are hydrated enough,what types of food you eat,if you have an infection,and if you are on medication or vitamins.Below are the discussion of various possible colors of urine and what they could signify.

1. strawyellow to amber

A healthy person urine is typically yellow.Because of uroblins which is also known as urochomes ,a pigment that turns urine yellow . Your urines carries these uroblins , when diluted with water your urine turns to a light or almost clear meaning you are hydrated.

2. Cloudy urine

This means that you have some phosphate in your urine , which can lead to kidney stones. If your urine is constantly cloudy ,it could also mean you have an infection. If cloudiness get worse and you experience burning, please see a doctor.

3. Blue or Green urine

This means that you are changing medication or vitamins. If you are not on medication or taking vitamins please see a doctor.

4. Smelly urine

Urine does not have the best odor, but you can tell when there is a foul smell. Usually coffee or asparagus, make an appointment to see the doctor.

5. Pink or red urine

It may mean you have had blueberries, or any reddish type of food. Again, medication may be the reason your urine changes color. It could also mean there is blood in your urine, either from vigorous exercise or due to an infection. If your urine does not clear up in 24 hours, go see a doctor.

6. Florescent yellow or orange urine

This means you have had a lot of vitamin c , carrot or any food that is orange. Some medication may turn urine orange or brown, it may mean that you have bile in your urine. Brown urine can suggest liver problem as well. Go see a doctor.

Who would have thought your urine can say so much about your health, drink plenty of water, eat right, and pay attention to the color of your urine.

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