How to stop masturbation

Masturbation is a relatively common activity. It can help to reduce stress, burn calories, and promote relaxation. At the same time, masturbation can also become unhealthy if it starts to interfere with your relationships, work or school life, or home responsibilities. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to control your urge to masturbate so you can focus more important things in your life.

Motivating yourself

Motivate yourself by reminding yourself that abstaining will increase sexual performance, because if you don’t do it as much you will have more energy and be more easily aroused when you have sex with someone, whoever it may be, and also you will have a stronger orgasm since you are less desensitized to the feeling. For optimum hormone levels, keep masturbation to no more than once a week. Studies in men have shown that not masturbating for up to a week slightly increases testosterone, after this, it goes back down.

Set tiny goals for yourself

Set tiny goals for yourself, start with going three days clean, the third day is the speed bump, get past that and you know that you’re committed. Then go a week, then 10 days, then two weeks, then 17 days, etc.

Do exercise daily in the evening, this will make you tired at night.

And since masturbation is often done at night, so when you are exhausted, you will give preference to sleep, not to masturbation.

If you have an urge, read an innocent book that does not mention any sexual jokes of any kind, or a kids book

Avoid sitting on your bed.

Use a table/chair, and always sit with other people.

When the urge is very intense take a cold shower.

It is not only shown to calm the mind but has many other benefits to overall health and energy.

When you feel the urge to masturbate, take a brisk walk or jog.

Always try to occupy yourself when the urge arises.

Try fasting.

Abstain from food or drink in a few hours every day can distract your mind from sexual urge. Fasting will also act as a diet from stimulating food or drink for a certain period. If you do it regularly you will have better control upon your urge.

Don’t accommodate lustful thoughts

If you come upon a certain thought, urge, or your lustful thoughts come into your mind, immediately think about a different topic such as baseball, football, etc.

If you have a problem with masturbating in the shower, set a short timer and try getting out before that timer goes off.

It’s easier to stop if you are in a relationship where your partner can help you in it.

For example, spend time watching a movie, going shopping or even going for sports with your partner. This ensures that the urges are no longer there and you will eventually forget about it.

Take it one day at a time.

If you commit to avoid masturbating for the next month you will inevitably fail to do it and will just feel more depressed and hopeless than ever before!

If you are religious, consider asking a religious leader for help if you are comfortable discussing the subject with them.

Request a private appointment with your priest, pastor, bishop, imam, rabbi, or other religious leaders, and see if his or her advice can help you.

Avoid loneliness

If you are lonely at night, seek help from a friend who helps you to fix this issue that will make sure you’re not lonely. Talking to someone can help distract you and break the habit.

Think positively

Think positively and avoid inferiority complex, learn how to cope with loneliness by doing different things like creative works; that way you have little or no time for masturbation.

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