Fans pay tribute to Michael Jackson 10 years after his death

Social media users penned warm tributes to the legendary musician

Many expressed their continued love for Jackson despite his heartfelt absence

Fans, music icons and the whole world took some time on Wednesday, June 25 to celebrate legendary pop, icon Michael Jackson, exactly 10 years after his tragic death.

The icon, who is largely considered the greatest pop star of all time, has his legacy intact and his music amazingly cuts through three generations.

Being an icon, MJ, who passed away aged 50, was already among the top trends worldwide by the time his 10th anniversary was upon us.

It goes without saying that the late MJ inspired a number of contemporary acts including RnB sensation, Chris Brown, whose music style and dance moves are a reflection of the Beat It hitmaker.

Despite an illustrious career that spans back to the 80s, MJ, being human, was also a troubled man in some forms, with his death still a point of controversy to date.

His rather complicated legacy has at times divided his fans, although no one could argue about the late singer’s prowess as far as the music is concerned.

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