How to avoid getting drunk

Make moderation your best friend. At the end of the day, if alcohol is going into your body, you will get drunk. Once the chemicals are in your body, they have to naturally filter out through your liver, and they will head to the brain on the way through your blood. Drinking responsibly is your best bet.

That said, the following tips should help you mitigate the effects a bit and prevent getting sloshed after a few beers.

Have a glass of milk before drinking, and another in the middle of the night.

Dairy lines your stomach, making it less able to absorb alcohol. It will get into your body eventually, of course, but it will take a bit longer, allowing your liver to eliminate some of it before the rest hits your system.
Carbonated beverages may disrupt this stomach lining, so it may not work with beer and cocktails with soda.

Eat greasy, fatty snacks while drinking.

Keep on knocking back some snacks, as the fat will help form a buffer against the alcohol. This makes the alcohol enter your body more slowly. Your waistline won’t thank you, but your brain will.
Good options include:

  • Fast Food
  • Nuts
  • Pizza
  • Ice cream and milkshakes (dairy may also help slow down alcohol).

Eat a spoonful of yeast to negate some effects of the alcohol.

A small spoonful of baker’s yeast has been shown to break down alcohol the same way your liver does, preventing you from getting as drunk as you would without it.
Simply mix the yeast in with water or yogurt and down it before you start drinking. While the effects aren’t enormous, they can potentially lower your blood alcohol content by 20-30%.
This will keep you from absorbing some of the alcohol, but it will not keep you from getting drunk by itself.

Build up a tolerance to alcohol over time.

The more regularly you drink, the faster your body will get used to the feeling of drunkenness. It will take more booze to fkeel drunk, allowing you to knock a few more back before feeling the spins. The more you drink, the greater your tolerance will be. Having a 1-2 glasses each night may make it easier to stay sober when drinking.

Due to a wide variety of physical, mental, and social affects, it is not recommended that you drink purely to raise your tolerance. It can lead to health problems and alcohol addiction quickly.

Water down your drinks, especially mixed drinks.

Put in more liquid and less alcohol. You’ll still be able to drink, but you’ll be able to space out the actual alcohol, keeping you soberer. You can even water down beer by mixing it with lemonade, crafting a “shandy” instead of a straight beer.

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