How to get nice abs

We all want tight beautiful abs. Though it may seem impossible, almost anyone can get them with enough determination and hard work. To get tight abs, you have to burn fat as well as commit to doing a series of ab-specific exercises. Here are some list of ab-specific exercises;

Use an ab roller for concentrated ab workouts.

Hold the ab roller with both hands while in a push-up position. Slowly push the ab roller out away from your body, extending your arms.

Go down as far as you can without touching your torso to the ground. Then slowly return to the center by bringing your hips and butt into the air and rolling your hands towards your feet. If you don’t have an ab roller, use rounded barbell weights instead.

Do crunches.

Lying on your back, with your knees up and feet down, slowly bring your shoulders up towards the ceiling. Keep your back on the floor and your neck strong. As you raise, exhale and hold your shoulders 6-8 inches above the floor.

Slowly lower your shoulders, but try not to touch your head to the floor. Do 20 repetitions.
Work the sides of your abs with side-crunches.

After raising your shoulder, twist from your abs to the side so that your elbow touches the floor. Without returning to the floor, twist to the other side as well, Touch each side 15-20 times.

Bicycle crunches, are even harder: pick your legs up off the ground, bending your knees so that your lower legs are parallel to the ground. With every crunch, alternate pumping your legs as if you were riding a bike.

Do sit-ups.

The most famous ab workouts are sit-ups, and for a reason they work your abs directly.

For sit-ups, lie down with your feet on the floor, knees up, and hands crossed on your chest.

Sit all the way up, bringing your shoulders to your knees while keeping your back straight. Lower yourself down slowly, with control, and repeat 20 times.

Once these become easy, hold onto weights or a resistance band to make them harder.

While it is popular, do not have someone hold your feet down this works your hip muscles more than your abs.

Do leg lifts.

Lay on your back on the ground with your hands by your sides. With your feet together, raise your legs from the waist, trying to form an “L” with your body. Slowly lower them back to the floor, stopping 2-3 inches from the ground before repeating 19 more times.

Keep your legs straight throughout the exercise. For a challenge, do a “hanging leg lift.” Hanging from your hands off of a pull-up bar, raise your straight legs up until your body forms an “L.” You can add weights or hanging medicine balls as well to make the exercise harder.

Try a canoe twist.

Stand with your feet should length apart. Twisting from your waist, turn your shoulders and arms to one side as if you were rowing a canoe. Simultaneously, raise your opposite knee towards your chest. Alternate sides 20 times.

Do planks to work your obliques.

Though not part of the classic “six-pack,” strong obliques are essential to good abs. To do a plank, set-up in push-up position. However, instead of resting on your hands, fold your arms horizontally in front of you and rest on your elbows and forearms. Keep your spine straight and your butt at the same height as your shoulders.

Hold this for one minute, rest, and repeat two more times.
Make planks more difficult by adding “toe-taps:” lift one foot off the ground 6 inches and return it slowly. Lift each foot 20 times.

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