Tips to consider when practising to run faster

In case you want to start running here’s a list of equipments you’ll need to enable you enjoy running to the utmost level

  • T-shirts/sweatshirt. A tight, specialized training shirt is a good idea for more serious runners
  • Something to keep loose strands of hair out of your face. For example, a ponytail holder (hair-tie), a sports headband, or a haircut
  • Plenty of water
  • A timer
  • Running shoes
  • Special workout pants (some exercise pants can burn your thighs if you rub legs too much)

Now that you know the equipments you’ll need here’s a list of tips to use/know when running:

Find somewhere where you can practice running such as a running track, a field, or a park.

Do a warm up before you run.

Before you start running, practice jogging on the spot to warm up. You can also try Jogging a lap before you reach full speed. This will help you run faster without tiring yourself out as much.

Always remember to stretch before running to prevent injuries.


Don’t look behind at the other runners; focus on yourself and what’s in front of you, so you don’t fall or trip.

Don’t think about anything. Just focus and look out for the finish line.

Eating before running

Avoid eating heavily before running. Make sure you eat the right things before you run. Examples: eat a few almonds 60 minutes before running (not too many almonds; it’s high in fat, so no more than 23 almonds). Eat a banana before running for energy. Drink honey before you race. It’s a most natural source of energy.

Practice increases Perfection

Daily practice can improve your running. If you are running with a friend, try to avoid talking. It takes up your breath and makes you run slower.

Get a friend to film you running, so you can spot problems with your running form that you might need to change. Make sure you run with shoes and not bare-foot, as running bare-foot has caused many injuries. Tie long hair back so it doesn’t get in your face and block your vision.

Use your arms, as the faster they go, then the faster your legs will go. Keep your hands open, not closed as this increase aerodynamics when sprinting. Remember to keep your head straight and eyes forward.

If you’re running in a long race, don’t run as fast as you can. Conserve your energy and spread it out throughout the run.
Have a straight back when you are running. Run with a heavy backpack on and do sprints. Then take off the backpack and do sprints.

Before you decide to go running regularly, you may want to try a sport like skateboarding or skiing to strengthen your leg muscles. Race with a friend that is faster than you. Do this about 2-4 times a week then race with him/her again to find out it increased..

Drinking water

Stay hydrated to prevent tiredness. Do not drink a lot of water (take a small sip take a breath take a small sip and so on).

Don’t take gulps of water while running because it will give you cramps. Make sure to take little sips. The trick is to take longer and stronger strides.

When running, breathe through your mouth and out your nose to make sure you are expelling enough CO2. This can prevent side cramps.

Make sure you use good training shoes

Invest in good training shoes that are light and comfortable. Running shoes without sufficient cushioning can cause shin splints and other injuries. Replace shoes every 300 miles (480 km) or if they’re deformed in any way.
You can check to see if your shoes need replacing by bending the toe section in towards the laces. If they meet relatively easily, you need new trainers.

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