Tips to escape shark attacks

Sharks rarely attack, but when they do, severe and sometimes fatal injuries commonly result. Staying out of shark habitats is the surest way to avoid getting hurt.

Scientists do not believe sharks attack humans to eat us; rather, they bite into our flesh because they are curious to find out what kind of animal we are; kind of like how dogs like to sniff new friends, only a lot more deadly. If you have accidentally wandered into shark-infested waters, however, you need to have a plan in place.

Here is a list of things you should remember when you encounter a shark:

  • Do not swim away from shark at any situation. The shark moves much faster than you.
  • Never provoke a shark or intentionally put yourself in a position in which you are likely to be attacked.
  • Do not hit the nose of shark, aim to strike the eyes. You can not only hit the eyes but also its gills. Hitting the nose will cause shark to bite.
  • Always be aware of the shark. Do not play dead as an aggressive shark will go for you.
  • Shark scales are very rough and can cut flesh quite easily. If you are free swimming (no wet-suit or gloves) do not attempt to grab a shark fin or back, (grey areas) these spots can cut you or rub your skin off, causing you to bleed and most likely triggering a sharks blood lust.
  • Never get on top of a shark. Sharks are flexible and they can turn their head and easily attack.
  • Remember to breathe as you fight.
  • You need adequate oxygen to effectively defend against an attack in order to make a quick getaway and retreat to safety.
  • Stay calm. Keep calm, swimming to shore or to anything near you that you could rest on, without being in the water, and then call for help.
  • Remember not to make any sudden movements. This will attract the shark, as it will be able to sense your movement.
  • To divers, if you are getting followed by a shark, you should have a knife on you or a spike. If the shark is waiting for a time to strike, however, try to wait it out

Before entering the water take this precautions:

Try to wear dark clothes if you are going under water.

Do not wear bright jewelry or watches. It attracts sharks. Instead, choose dark, plain colors.

Do not go swimming at dawn, dusk or at night because these are the times when sharks feed.
Do not be too scared of sharks.

If there was a shark attack a week ago or a day ago, do not go into the water, until the lifeguard tells you that it is okay to do so.

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