How to take care of your Pubic hair

Wash your pubic hair using warm water.

Using soaps or perfumes can seriously aggravate or irritate your pubic area. Your pubic region has a specific pH level and certain soaps can throw this off.

Use specially pH balanced pubic washes to clean your pubic hair if you must use a product. You can find these washes over the counter or by asking your local pharmacist.

Do not use deodorant, talcum powder, shampoo, or fragranced wipes to clean your pubic hair. This can be especially tempting if you are experiencing unpleasant odors from your pubic region.

Wipe your pubic area with a wet towel or tissue paper.

After using the toilet, you may want to wipe your pubic region with a damp towel or tissue paper. This will help you maintain the cleanliness of your pubic hair.

Regularly wiping after using the toilet is essential in stopping the spread of harmful bacteria around your pubic region. Pubic hair, especially, is a great breeding ground for these germs.

Keep your pubic hair dry.

Moisture can cause irritation. Keeping your pubic hair dry can prevent discomfort and bacteria from growing.

Dry your pubic hair completely before putting on clothes after showering. Wear looser clothing and avoid nylon, synthetic, or tight clothing where moisture can be trapped. This is especially important when temperatures are high and sweating occurs down there.

Trim your pubic hair, if desired.

There’s no firm evidence that having excessive pubic hair can trap germs or debris in your pubic region; however, trimming down the excess may make you feel cleaner.

Depending on your preference, you may choose to trim pubic hair for a cleaner appearance.v You may feel ashamed or embarrassed if you have a lot of pubic hair. However, having pubic hair is a sign of maturity and having a lot of it is not a bad thing.

And keeping your pubic hair clean and manageable is an important task to keep up your own personal health and hygiene.

While trimming your pubic hair is okay, try to avoid shaving it off completely on a regular basis. Pubic hair protects against certain harmful bacteria and viruses, making it more difficult for them to enter the body. Regularly shaving that sensitive area could also cause increased skin irritation.

Carefully shave your pubic hair.

If you choose to remove your pubic hair, shaving is less painful that waxing and the most economical option. To ensure a comfortable shave:

Trim your pubic hair before shaving. Use scissors to cut your hairs as short as possible. This keeps hairs from snagging onto the razor and pulling at your skin.

Choose a razor designed to shave pubic hair. Most razors will work fine but if you plan to shave in a delicate and hard to reach place like between your buttocks, a specialized razor can prevent nicks and cuts from happening.

For example, some razors are equipped with a trimmer or are coated with a soothing lotion.
Bathe or shower before shaving to open up your pores and soften coarse hairs. Typically, pubic hair is thicker than the hairs on our heads.

Use shaving cream to help protect your skin while shaving. However, be careful not to put shaving cream onto your genital area as it can cause irritation and inflammation.
Apply aloe vera or baby oil after shaving. Don’t use moisturizers with added dyes or fragrances.

Get your pubic hair waxed.

You can get waxed by a professional or do it at home. However, there is an element of pain that comes with pubic waxing. To relieve pain, take aspirin or ibuprofen 30 minutes before waxing. To ensure a comfortable waxing experience:

Wait until your pubic hair is about a quarter of an inch (1 cm) long before waxing. The wax will grab onto the hair follicle, making it easier to remove.

Follow the instructions of at-home wax kits carefully. Some kits will have a pot or cup of wax for you to heat and apply, while others will have premade strips ready for you to use.
Test the temperature of the hot wax before applying it to your pubic area.

A burn down there can be extremely uncomfortable. Test the temperature by applying a bit of wax to the inside of your wrist. Wax needs to be hot enough for it to spread over your skin but not hot enough that it will burn it.
Wear cotton underwear and clothing after waxing to allow your skin to breathe and avoid irritation.

Consider removing certain parts of your pubic hair.

There are different looks and styles you can give your pubic region. Some popular styles include:

  • The Landing Strip: This look leaves a narrow and vertical strip of hair right above your genitals. The width and length of the strip depends on you.
  • Bikini Wax or Trim: This look takes away pubic hair that would be visible if you were wearing a bikini bottom or underwear.
  • Completely Bare or Brazilian Wax: All hair is removed in this look.

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