IMEI Number: Meaning, Identification and Uses

IMEI number is a unique number or code every phone carries or assigned to every phone made by a company.

An IMEI number is a 15-17 digit number or code which differentiate your phone from any other phone in the world.

Watch video on IMEI:

Identification of IMEI number

Here are steps to identify or find your IMEI number:

1. Go to your phone dialer.

2. Input this code *#06#

3. The codes will appear on your screen.

Remember: don’t reveal your code to anyone.

Uses of IMEI number

Before I don’t know the use of this long code at in phone, on my phone pack and inside the phone battery space.

But now I know its use and it is very important to every phone users.

1. For identification the model and origin of a phone

2. For tracking a lost or stolen phone.

It can track you also but won’t reveal every thing about you that’s why you shouldn’t share it.

3. To block lost and stolen phone.

Now you know the use of IMEI number.

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