How to play Subway surfers

Are you a fan of the amazing subway surfers game or are you just hearing about it now? Well here is a list of tips for going further and making more coins. In case you don’t have the game it is really nice with good graphics.

Basic moves

1. Swipe up to jump.
2. Swipe down to roll.
3. Swipe left or right to change lanes.
4. Double-tap to use a hoverboard.

Power-ups – uses

Jetpack – Makes you fly above the train track and lets you grab additional coins.Super Sneakers – Makes you jump higher.Coin Magnet – You’ll attract any nearby coins without having to touch them.2x Multiplier – Doubles your current score multiplier (e.g. x30 now becomes x60).


  1. Spend your coins to upgrade the Coin Magnet and Jetpack powerups. Improving these two powerups will lead to many more coins in the long run.
  2. Time your movements. When you swipe to move, your character will still take a moment to get over. Make sure you’re leaving enough time to get out of the way of approaching obstacles.
  3. You can buy different boards and characters in the me bar on the front screen.
  4. If you’ve played Temple Run before, then it’s easier for you to learn how to play Subway Surfers.
  5. You can skip mission you are stuck on by buying a skip mission.
  6. This is always easier and faster than trying to do one yourself. The higher u go the more costly it becomes.
  7. Buy boosts because they’re helpful and may be needed.
  8. If you forget how to play, there is a tutorial option at the main menu.
  9. You can’t jump from the rails to the top of trains unless you have the Super Sneakers.
  10. Consider purchasing the Double Coins boost. This costs just $4.99, but is a one-time purchase that will permanently double all of the coins you earn. You can find this at the top of the Shop menu.
  11. Double tap and you will get the hoverboard.
  12. This can be very useful when you’ve predicted there’s 100% chance of failure. With the right timing you can escape danger
  13. Try to avoid the super sneakers powerup especially when you’ve gone farther and the game is going faster, as they can do more harm than good!

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