How to groom your nails

If you are thinking about grooming your nails since it looks attractive then you need to follow this tips for a healthy nail;

Good Daily Care

Keep your nails clean.

Bacteria can adversely affect growth. Remember to wash on and under your nails when washing your hands. When handling anything dirty, like when you’re working in the garden, make sure to wear gloves to minimize contact with dirt.

Moisturize your nails.

While many people have no problem remembering to add lotion to their arms, legs, and hands, they neglect their nails. Each time you use hand lotion, rub the lotion over your nails and into the cuticles. This will help keep your nails strong and healthy.

However, not all nails take to every moisturizer. If your nails appear cracked or otherwise damaged after using a moisturizer, try another brand.

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Wear gloves when cleaning.

Harsh chemicals from cleaners can harm fingernails. You also want to keep your nails dry to promote growth, so you should avoid contact with water. Each time you need to clean, put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your nails.

File your nails correctly.

It’s important to file and shape your nails regularly, even when growing them out, but how you file affects nail growth. Do not file your nails back and forth. Instead, file them on either side, working towards the center. Try to file into a square shape, as this tends to cause less breakage.

If you’re growing your nails out to get a particular shape, stick with a basic square shape. Once your nails are at your desired length, you can file them into the shape you want.

Purchase a nail strengthener.

Go for a strengthener made of keratin protein. You can buy nail strengthener online or at a drug store. Apply your strengthener once every three days to promote nail growth.

Avoiding bad habits

Do not bite or pick at your nails.

Biting or picking at your nails can cause them to fracture and then fall off. Throughout the day, leave your nails alone as much as possible to help them remain strong and grow out.

If you struggle with nail biting, try doing something like wrapping the tips of your nails in tape to help you avoid the habit.

Avoid using your nails as a tool.

If you need to open a box or letter, which for a knife or another sharp object instead of relying on your nails. Using your nails as tools wears them down over time. Nails that become broken or fractured will not grow out.

Protect your nails so they can grow strong. It’s hard to get long nails if they keep breaking all the time, so avoid putting stress on your nails that can lead to breakage. Also, avoid things that can damage your nails. For instance, if you pick off gel nail polish instead of soaking your nails, you’re also removing some of the top layer of the nail, which weakens it.

Do not neglect a top or base coat.

Always put on a base coat before painting your nails. Once you’re done painting your nails, add a top coat. This will help your polish stay on longer, preventing the need to re-paint your nails too often and expose them to nail polish remover.

Also, base and top coats help strengthen your nails and leave them in better condition after applying polish.

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