10 facts about Black holes you should know

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Black holes: 10 facts you should know

Black holes are said to be the only objects in the world that hold light with just its gravitational force as scientists believe they are made when an inactive massive star collapses on itself.

It should be noted, however, that despite years of dedicated research, the phenomena surrounding black holes are still totally unknown.

Despite the mystery surrounding black holes, here are some 10 interesting facts that you should know.

1. Black holes do not take in space

Many think that black holes take in the space around, however they do not as they are just like any other object in space but with a totally different gravitational force.

2. Einstein was not the one who discovered black holes

Contrary to popular opinion, Einstein did not discover black holes, though his theory of relativity suggests how they are made. Karl Schwarzschild was the first to use Einstein’s equations to show how they are formed.

3. Black holes could create new universes

This is another interesting thing about black holes, they distort the laws of physics and could possibly create new universes with their gravitational field

4. Black holes literally affect the space around them

Black holes may be known not to take in space around them, but that does not mean that they do not distort or change the shape of the space around them. Black holes maintain a kind of energy that does not allow the space around them to remain the same.

5. They are good energy factories

Black holes have been researched out to generate more energy than the sun. This is because the materials in the black holes are always turning and moving at a great speed that makes them generate billions of heat degrees.

6. Our galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its centre

Scientists have found out that there is a supermassive black hole at the centre of each galaxy in the universe. Black holes are also known to hold galaxies in space too.

7. Black holes could slow down time

This is possible with the strong gravitational force of black holes and the speed at which they move. This discovery was said to have been predicted by Stephen Hawking in 1974.

8. Anything could become black holes

This is so because, for instance, the only difference between a black hole and the sun is that the centre of the sun is made of dense material which contributes to the strong gravitational force of the black hole.

9. Black holes generate a lot of heat,

Black holes generate a lot of heat and that is why they are known to produce so much energy.

10.Weird time stuff happens around black holes.

This is best illustrated by one person (call them Unlucky) falling into a black hole while another person (call them Lucky) watches. From Lucky’s perspective, Unlucky’s time clock appears to be ticking slower and slower. This is in accordance with Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which (simply put) says that time is affected by how fast you go, when you’re at extreme speeds close to light. The black hole warps time and space so much that Unlucky’s time appears to be running slower. From Unlucky’s perspective, however, their clock is running normally and Lucky’s is running fast.

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