How to prevent rat infestation in your homes🐭

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The last thing you will ever want is when these creatures get an access into your home. They multiply at such an alarming rate needing more food and eating their way into your furnitures, even going as far as eating wires of your electrical appliances.

Here are some tips you can use to keep this creatures away from your home:

Keep all trash sealed and take it out anytime you throw food away.

Avoid giving rats a reason to hang around your house. Make sure that you use a garbage can, don’t just leave your trash hanging out in a garbage bag. When you throw the garbage bag out put it in a dumpster or a closed garbage bin for disposal. If it is just hanging out around your house it’s easy access for rats.

Seal up all the food in your house and keep everything in closed containers.

If the food is left hanging out in the open it could attract rats or other pests. Try to keep your house generally clean and definitely pay close attention to where you leave your food. If you live in an area that is prone to rat problems like a city then be extra careful.

Remove any ability for rats to enter your home by sealing all holes in your walls, doors and screens.

Check your garage doors, chimneys, dryer and air conditioning vents, and crawl spaces to ensure that they are properly sealed to the outdoors. If a rat can find its way in your house then they can set up shop and start breeding. The best thing you can do is prevent that.

Stuff the area surrounding any pipes or small holes that lead into your house using bronze or steel wool.

This will stop the rats from entering in through easy access holes. You can also close off the entrance completely if the pipe or entrance serves no purpose.

Do not bother using products that are marketed as “rat repellents.”

These are often not useful and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued warnings against fraudulent sound machines that claim to repel rats and rodents.

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