How to sound Intelligent

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Whether you’re trying to impress new friends or a new boss, turn around a bad reputation or catch the eye of a cute girl, it isn’t all that hard to sound well educated and intelligent (even if you aren’t!).

So here are a few tips that are sure to help.

  • Think twice before you speak, because there are chances that you speak irrelevant and something stupid.
  • Try to be as involved in your own community as possible. Not only will you help others, but the more well known you are, and the more people who think you are smart, the more your self-confidence will increase.
  • Sarcasm is intelligent if used correctly.
  • If you aren’t skilled at using idioms (hit the jackpot, the 411, etc.), then either learn them or avoid them.
  • Something that might impress teachers or adults is knowledge about politics. Try to make time to watch the news or if you think that is too boring, try to watch ‘Democracy Now!’, ‘The Colbert Report’ or ‘Mad Money’.
  • Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut (when you are tired, drunk, stoned, upset, etc). When you’re in any of these states, some of the things that come out of your mouth may be laughed at or otherwise used against you for months or years afterward.
  • Read everything you can find, think a lot, and pay attention in school. Then you can be intelligent and not just sound intelligent. Be responsible and take notes if you are in school. Ask good doubts to your teachers. It gives an impression that you are intelligent.
  • Ask questions about what other people say. People love when others are interested in what they have to say and will appreciate you asking. Not any question will do though. When people make statements, ask them what those statements mean, what the consequences of them are, what the competing views are, etc.[8] Asking the right questions is one of the most essential traits of a smart person; so, practice asking questions, and notice when people perk up at the questions you ask. When this happens, you’ve asked a good question–remember this kind of question and keep it in your conversational toolkit.
  • When talking over the Internet, open up a program like Microsoft Word to check your spelling. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure of the spelling, type it into a search engine like Google. You can also define words with Google.
  • Work on your body language. Having charismatic body language is the most important criterion to being persuasive. Develop good facial expressions, a nice posture, and a sober tone of voice. Always speak in a calm voice even if someone enrages or annoys you.
  • However, remember when not to side with a particular argument. When an argument is debunked, anyone supporting it becomes wrong. For example, when someone says, “I told you the Coriolis Effect does not work in toilets”, and you never said you agreed with that hypothesis, simply ask “Did I say it did?”. Make sure it’s not in a defensive tone, but more of a surprised tone that you would ever have thought such bogus.
  • Read a dictionary in your free time. Intelligent people have a tendency to have an interest in these areas, and expanding your vocabulary will help you associate with intelligent people.
  • If used correctly, silence is one of the most important weapons of being and acting intelligent.

And also here are some things you should avoid:

  • Gauge your tone very carefully. Rejection is often a by-product of being considered intelligent. Make yourself intelligent in a sympathetic, altruistic fashion.
  • Don’t use an excess of long words. You could confuse and irritate the people around you who, if not used to hearing you talk in this manner, could think you’re just being pretentious.
  • Try not to sound pretentious, this is a bad quality – if it is indeed a ‘quality’ – in anyone.
  • Don’t use multiple question marks or multiple exclamation points.

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