Tips you need to know for a successful blog

Blogging is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers.

A successful blog lies in the blogger’s hand, here are 6 tips to grow a blog to be successful.

1. Find a good name that fits what you blog about.

Blog name matters a lot if you want to be successful in blogging.

For example, you created a sport blog and gave it a name like ‘bucks earners” that doesn’t match the niche you are into.
A good blog name can attract a lot of viewers and followers, take a lot of time to think about your blog name.

2. Get a good theme for your blog

A blog that’s easy to access, comment, follow, like and view will make you successful in no time, your blog theme have to be fit the niche you are into.

I have some website with ugly themes and visiting that kind of blog will make you bored and not interested in it.

3. Post regularly and publish quality posts

Learn to post quality contents, put the punctuations at the right place, make use of good fonts, give paragraphs, etc , make your post look great and you can attract more readers or viewers.

Post regularly at least thrice a week, posting regularly can make visitors addicted to your blog.

Note: Bloggers shouldn’t be lazy, bloggers should be creative and bloggers must be interactive.

4. Give your readers chance

Give your viewers chance to communicate and comment on a post.

Visitors and viewers are the foundation of a blog, create a comment box for viewers to ask questions and give advice and compliments.

5. Promote and advertise

Advertise your blog on social media, forums,  newspaper etc, that is the easiest and most common way to make your blog successful and also popular.

6. Be a good writer

A good writer equal to a good blog, Write yourself if you are a beginner, make your posts short, not every one wants story just go to the point.

These are my tips for a successful blog, try them and it will work for you and remember to be patient in this. Thanks

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