How to Cure Chronic Sore Throat

Gargle with salt water.
Simply gargling with salt water can sometimes alleviate the symptoms of a sore throat. Salt water mixed with warm water can be a soothing to the back of the throat.

Mix a cup of lukewarm water with about a tablespoon of salt. Mix the salt in until it’s dissolved and the water looks milky.

Gargle with the salt water about 30 seconds and then spit into the sink. Repeat as needed as symptoms persist.

Invest in a humidifier.

Dry air can be the cause of a chronic sore throat. If you’re living and sleeping in a dry environment, your throat can dry out and become sore. Try using a humidifier and see if symptoms improve.

You can purchase a cool air humidifier online or at a department store.

Try using this in your home or bedroom to humidify warm, dry air.

You can also humidify by simply sitting in a steamy bathroom for several minutes for once a day. See if this results in any improvement in symptoms.

Try lozenges.

Throat lozenges can be purchased from most drug stores. Depending on the type, they contain ingredients to numb the throat and soothe pain. If your sore throat has been bothering you for awhile, considering trying lozenges.

You should not give lozenges to small children as they pose a choking hazard. Also, certain medications contained in the lozenges might not be healthy for young children.

Lozenges tend to be most effective for mild pain. If your pain is severe or your you have other cold-like symptoms, try over-the-counter medication over lozenges.

Drink plenty of fluids.

Make sure to stay hydrated if you have a sore throat. This can help diminish symptoms of a sore throat and prevent further complications.

Opt for high quality fluids. Go for soup broth, water, and whole juices without added sugar. Overly sugary or carbonated beverages can further irritate a sore throat.

If your sore throat is accompanied by a fever, you especially need to drink water.

Fluid requirement increases when the body is sick.
Hot teas, especially those with ginger and lemon, can be particularly good for the throat.

Try adding honey, as it has antibacterial products that can eliminate viruses that cause sore throats and other flu and cold like symptoms.

If you have a sore throat, you may have a virus, cold, or flu. Bed rest is important. Avoid rigorous physical activity, such as exercising, and try to get more sleep. If it’s possible, stay home from school or from work until symptoms pass.

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