How to encourage your hair to grow (for Africans)

If you an African, your hair might find it tough to grow fast and well without unnecessary breakages but here are some tips on how to fix that problem:

Determine your hair type.

This will help you choose the right treatments and products. Here are the basic types of hair:

  • Wavy hair (type 2), generally thin and easy to handle
  • Curly hair (type 3)
  • Coily hair (type 4), usually very fragile and hard to grow out

Wash your hair only when you must.

Washing hair too often makes it loose it’s oil. Try washing it once a week.

To reduce damage, wash hair in lukewarm water and rinse in cool water.

Also try to find a shampoo that doesn’t leave your hair feeling too dry.

Use conditioner each time you wash.

Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils. Restore these with conditioner suited for African hair.

Periodically deep condition your hair as well.
You can use leave-in conditioner in between washes.

Let hair dry on its own.

The heat from blow a hair dryer can cause a lot damage, leading your hair to break before it grows to the desired length. Instead, plait your hair, wrap it in a silk scarf, and let dry overnight. You can also towel dry your hair by wrapping it in a towel and simply rubbing your head for a while.

Apply hair oil daily.

This will help prevent it from breaking before it grows too long. Castor oil, Moroccan oil, or lavender oil are all good options.

Covering your hair with a satin scarf can help your hair take in the oil.


Water strengthens dry hair and may stimulate your hair roots. You can apply water, moisturizing conditioner, or a mixture of half olive oil or half coconut oil.

For extra moisture, apply each one, in that order. The oil will help seal in the moisture.

If you use gel or mousse in your hairstyle, try hair jam instead. This will hold your hair, then eventually melt into oils to add shine and moisture.

Consider protein conditioner.

These can strengthen some types of hair, but may damage dry hair. Try brushing your hair: if your strands stretch significantly before breaking, you may need more protein.

Do not leave in protein conditioner longer than instructed on the label, or it may turn hard and brittle.

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Grease your scalp when dry.

About every other day or when your scalp feels dry, apply coconut grease to the tip of your pointer finger. Apply at the top of your part and sweep back until all the grease has been applied.

Stop if you notice dandruff, as oil can feed the fungus that causes it.
If you have a perm, grease only once a week, or apply hot oil instead.

Remove products with neutralizing shampoo. Once a month, use a neutralizing shampoo to clean all products out of your hair. If you use a lot of sprays, gels, and other styling products, use it every other week.

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