Tips to help cracked lips

Cracked lips are actually very painful but with the right tip they will go away quickly. The following are tips to make it go quicker.

  • Try coconut oil on your lips to help.

  • Don’t bite the dead skin on your lips, that will make it worse. Instead use an ointment to get rid of the dead skin so you can apply your lip balm.

  • Rub a cucumber on your lip for 5 to 20 minutes.

  • Apply a thick layer of your remedy of choice before you go to sleep so it won’t interfere with drinking, eating, kissing, etc.

  • Don’t spread the Chapstick or lip balm by rubbing your lips together. Instead, gently use your finger and apply more lip balm if they feel dry.

  • Avoid touching your lips or they will become raw.

  • Use a medical lip balm that works for you.

  • Make a lip scrub by mixing olive oil and sugar.

  • Try using almond oil. The effect will help soothe your lips.

  • You can also try Petroleum Jelly. It soothes your lips and makes them smooth.

  • Put honey on it carefully, otherwise it will cause you harm. If your lips are very cracked, you can also put ghee on them.

  • Don’t lick your lips. It might feel good at first, but saliva actually dries them out more.

  • Try going outside less if the weather is bad and try not to sleep with a window open beside you.

  • Use lip balm made out of 100% all natural beeswax.

  • If you can’t stop sleeping with your mouth open, talk to your doctor to rule out possible issues with your nose or soft tissues in your mouth. They may be able to offer treatment to improve your sleep and your painful cracked lips!

  • Bring chapstick with you everywhere. Putting on chapstick at least three times a day helps your lips stay soft.

  • If you play an instrument that hurts your lips (flute, trumpet, etc…) that might be a problem. Apply some petroleum jelly before you play one.

  • Try not to use lip tints; they normally cause lip cracks.

  • Apply malai or glycerin overnight to help.

  • Apply a thick layer of natural unflavored lip balm to your lips and place a piece of plastic wrap over them. Leave it for 5 minutes, then wash the lip balm off and apply a thin layer of fresh lip balm.

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