Seven killed, 21 shot after Texas Shooting

Seven people were killed, 21 were shot, and a gunman was shot dead by Texas police on Saturday after the suspect opened fire on authorities during a traffic stop and began firing at strangers from a moving vehicle, police said.

The deadly shooting spree began near the cities of Odessa and Midland, when a state trooper pulled over a motorist for failing to signal during a left turn, the Odessa Police Department said.

The suspect then opened fire on the trooper before fleeing down the interstate, authorities said, setting off hours of chaos as authorities and residents sought to determine where the suspect was, and how many gunmen were active.

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At one point, the shooting suspect hijacked a mail carrier truck and went on to shoot at residents and law-enforcement officers in Odessa, before authorities caught up with him near a movie theater and killed him in a shootout.

odessa, midland texas map
At least five people were killed and 21 injured after a gunman hijacked a mail delivery truck and opened fire on people at random, police said

Police described the gunman as a white man in his mid-30s, but did not formally identify him on Saturday or discuss a potential motive.

Police departments in Midland and Odessa initially warned the public of two potential shooters, but said later Saturday evening there was only one and the threat was over.

At a press conference on Saturday, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said at least three law-enforcement officers were among those shot. Their conditions were unclear.

Police say the mass shooting, the second within the state during August, began with a traffic stop between the cities of Midland and Odessa.

The gunman shot at least 20 people, including motorists and passers-by. At one point, he abandoned his car and stole a US postal truck.

Police eventually shot dead the man, who has not been named, near a cinema.

The motive of the gunman, who was white and in his mid-30s, remains unclear.

The shooting occurred exactly four weeks after 22 people were killed by another gunman in the Texan city of El Paso .

News source: BBC & Insider

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