Joke of the day

Don’t Worry Mommy!

One day there was this little girl who always wore a dress to school. Every day she would sit on the bench and cry. Finally Michael asked her why she was crying.

She replied “I don’t have any money for potato chips.” Michael said “I’ll give you money if you climb that tree over there.”

“Okay!” said the little girl. So she climbed the tree with a lot of little boys around her. She got down and he gave her money. This kept continuing for several days. Her mother got suspicious and asked her “Where do you get the money for these potato chips?” The little girl replied “From the boys at school. They give me money if I climb the tree.”

“Don’t do that honey! All the boys want to do is look up your skirt and see your underwear.”

The next day the little girl cried again and Michael gave her money for climbing the tree. This time there was a bigger crowd than usual. When the little girl came home she had a bag of potato chips. The mother said “Honey! I told you not to climb up the tree! The boys only want to look at your underwear.”

The little girl said “Don’t worry mommy! I didn’t wear any underwear today!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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