How to be a team player

Even if you’re the best member on the team, you can’t finish or project without your teammates. What if we can do it alone?! Well then the outcome can still be better with your team mates.

This article can give you points on how to be a team player. Everyone should share in team responsibilities, and do their part to ensure that the team is successful. You shouldn’t care about your own performance more than the team.

Characteristics of a team player.

  • A team player knows what’s good for his/her team.
  • A team player should always be opstimistic.
  • A team player should be apologetic.
  • A team player should be able to keep his/her feelings, emotions (anger, Love etc) away for the good of the team.

Here are a few things you need to post do to be a better team player:

Don’t trash talk.

When talking to your teammates learn not say anything hurtful as this could either hurt the morale of your teammates or make him angry neither of which are beneficial to the team. Always learn not trash talk.

Control your temper.

Always learn to control your temper especially since unity is needed in a team. When you start to bring anger it weakens the unity bond and makes the team weaker. That’s a actually not in anyway team playing since a team player gotta try his best to make the team stronger

Appreciate other team member’s effort.

This will actually help your team because a the tiny quota of effort no matter how small if appreciated increases the morale of the other member thereby leading to high productivity given your team extra chance to succeed.

Support your teammates.

Its not a competition, its a team approach. Don’t be happy when your team mates fail or be angry when he’s getting his own quota right and is getting more credits than you. Have it at the back of your mind that its for the team overall benefit.

Accept and receive apologies.

When argument arises which often happen, learn to always be ready to be the bigger person and apologies even if you’re not the one at fault and peradventure the person apologises first accept it. Its for the benefit of the team

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