Learn how to draw

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Learning to draw can take time to perfect but with consistent practice and the right help you can shorten the time and also get better quicker. Here are some equipments you’ll need:

Things you’ll need

  • Papers
  • Pencil
  • An eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Colored Pencils

Here are some nice tips you can use:

  • Draw softly so if you make a mistake, it will not show. After you are happy with the picture, you can accent the lines more forcefully. If you are drawing something a bit complex, do a very light sketch on your paper before you start. This will allow you to get a sense of the shapes involved. Then when you got the light sketch you like, draw over it and add the details.
  • Frustration is a part of being an artist. Let it go, it’s just part of the experience.
  • If you want it to be the best you can, don’t rush. Take your time and come back to it if you’ve had enough at any one sitting.
  • Have good lighting where you are drawing.
  • If coloring, test the color on something else first before applying it to your picture so that you don’t suddenly realize that you were expecting a different color.
  • If you have trouble drawing straight from an image or from your imagination, try doing some drawing tutorials to help you get a rough idea and be familiar with shapes and lines to make a good drawing.
  • Don’t use a small pencil because it will be hard to hold. It might run out if you sharpen often.
  • Don’t rest your hand on your drawing to prevent smudging.
  • Draw in a peaceful, quiet place, without anyone else on the room, so as to stay focused on your drawing.
  • If you want to shade your picture, a good technique is to press harder with your pencil for darker shading and press lighter for lighter shading.
  • If you’re drawing a person or thing by looking at it, look at every single detail.
  • When tracing it would be easier to darken the lines with a darker pencil this makes it easier to see through the plain paper on top and also makes your picture stand out.
  • Don’t draw on the carpet because the pencil will punch through the paper.
  • Draw on top of a hard surface for balance and accuracy.
  • It’s okay to just copy something. It helps you develop your observation skills and fine motor skills.

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