4 foods you didn’t know can make you look 10 years younger(Really Young)

4 foods you didn’t know can make you look younger

Aging is real. Many people, especially those in cities like Nairobi, get worried when they age because they become less attractive. If you want to look younger while ageing then there are different things you need to do.

One of the important things is maintaining a balanced diet. The foods you eat will determine your looks in different ways. Here are 5 foods that can help you look younger

1.Virgin Olive Oil

There is no doubt that virgin oil is among the foods that you should include in your plan when you want to look younger. Studies have proven that the oil can prevent different issues to do with aging. The oil can also make your skin to appear younger than before. The strong anti-inflammatory makes this oil worth consideration.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is good for your body. When you are ageing, include more green tea in your meal plan. The tea contains antioxidants needed to make your skin look smoother. It also prevents insulin resistance, fights diabetes and relieves your body from stress among other issues.

3. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the best. Studies show that it can reduce pressure of the heart and make your immune system stronger. In addition, it presents your skin from sun damage over time.

4. Fatty Fish

Fish is one of the most recommended foods to eat when you are having issues with your skin. Fish makes you look younger and more attractive. The proteins prevent different conditions including damage of the heart and ulcers among others.

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