6 ways to skyrocket your business using a smartphone

Gone are the days when starting and building a business requires you having sleepless nights but today, everything has become easier. The smartphone in your hands is an information control panel, which can do more than just show you a weather forecast.

This article will let you know how effectively you can use your mobile phone to navigate your firm to success.

1. Use cloud storages

Cloud storages are an easy way to keep all your data in one place, be it large documents, screenshots, or presentations. The benefits of this are hard to deny. You can conduct business correspond toence if you have at hand only a smartphone. Also, you can share data with laptops, PCs, tablets, multimedia devices, and office machines. The most popular cloud storages are Google Drive, iCloud storage, and Dropbox, but you can try such apps as Workflowy, which makes it pretty much the same and easy to use.

2. Choose appropriate communication channels

Messengers allow you to instantly share information with the owners of other communication devices and deal with business issues from a distance, thereby, having the latest updates at your fingertips. Get to know what messengers the people you’re going to communicate to use and download them on your smartphone. It may so happen that you will need WhatsApp to keep in touch with your business partners, Facebook messenger to chat with your friends, Skype and Slack – to decide technical problems with some tech staff. We advise you not to forget various e-mail clients, that can practically be more reliable and efficient.

3. Plan and work as a pro at

To organize your working process and always remember about the tiniest task and every 15-minute meeting, it’s not necessary to have a notebook at hand. What you really need is a bunch of planning applications that allows you plan different sort of tasks, prioritize them, set notifications for a particular time and work jointly over a project. Currently, there is a broad variety of applications and platforms for different kinds of businesses. Among them are, Trello, ActiveCollab, Basecamp, and Confluence are generally recognized and widely used. On top of that, there are always such budget choices as Google Calendar and Google Excel.

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