5 special ways to celebrate Halloween with your smartphone(Spooky Halloween)

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2019 occurs on Thursday, October 31.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate this year Halloween with your smartphone:

1. Halloween ringtones

Change your ringtone for incoming calls and messages to a creepy and spooky sound.

Download Halloween ringtones here: https://www.zedge.net/find/ringtones/halloween

Watch Video:

2. Halloween Wallpapers

Change your smartphones wallpaper to a Halloween type, use animals, ghost, pumpkins or your favorite cartoon character.

Find Halloween wallpapers here:


3. Halloween Songs

If songs are out of the list then we haven’t started.

Turn the atmosphere to a spooky atmosphere with nice Halloween songs. You can play “Thriller by Micheal Jackson” and other best Halloween songs.

Get Top 10 Halloween songs here:

4. Make a Halloween phone case

Make a DIY phone case to make this year Halloween special, use nail polish, acrylic paint,glue,fake gems, cartoon and other materials to make a nice Halloween phone or flip case.

Buy DIY materials


EpiqueOne(all diy materials)
(Acrylic Paint Pens for Rocks Painting, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas, Mugs, DIY Craft Making Supplies, Scrapbooking Craft, Card Making. Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Set of 12 Colors)

5. Turn on dark mode of all apps, use Halloween keyboards and emojis.

Turn on the dark of all apps both your favorite social medias to celebrate and make your Halloween spooky and special.

Use Halloween keyboards, you can download it online or use the Gboard type.

Use Halloween emojis to send messages to friends and family, instead of the smiling emoji (πŸ˜€) ,use the devil emoji(😈 ). Use ghost, alien and skeleton emojis.(πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘»β˜ οΈπŸ‘½).

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