5G — Advantages & Disadvantages

5G is the fifth generation of the latest cellular technology, which is developed to increase the speed of wireless networks. one of the important 5G technology features is, it can handle thousands of traffic than today’s networks which is 10 times faster than 4G. Just imagine, you can download Videos, Media files just in seconds. Meanwhile, 5G is the foundation of Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things.

All smartphone companies are trying best to launch their 5G enabled devices and connections with South Korea and the US

While these nations have already launched 5G connection, 5G Technology in India is a distant dream. There was the latest update which said India and Israel were partnering up to develop 5G Technology. However, as per the government 5G technology will arrive in India as late as 2022.

The 5G technology based devices will operate in different bands with up to 3 to 300 GHz.The frequency ranges below 6 GHz is used for 5G macro optimized, 3 to 30 GHz for 5G E small cells, 30 to 100 GHz for 5G Ultra Dense and 30 to 300 GHz is used for 5G millimeter wave.

Advantages of 5G

1. Data rates of about 10 Gbps or higher can be achieved. which provides the user with better experience and download and upload speeds will be higher.

2. High resolution and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping.

3. 5G mm-wave can achieve latency rate less than 1 ms. which will leads to immediate connection establishment and release with the 5G network by 5G smartphone. Hence traffic load is decreased on 5G

4. Possible to provide a uniform, consistent and uninterrupted, connectivity across the world.

5. Technology is able to gather all networks on one platform.

6. 5G offers 10x decrease in latency, 100x traffic capacity 10x connection density, 3x spectrum efficiency, and 100x network efficiency.

7. Easily manageable with the previous generations.

Disadvantages of 5G

1. 5G types of equipment are costly, requires skilled engineers to install and maintain a 5G network. This increases the cost of 5G deployment and maintenance phases

2. 5G technology is still under process and research is going on.

3. 5G smartphones are costly. Hence it will take time for the common man to make use of 5G technology.

4. Security and privacy issue yet to be solved in 5G

5. Coverage distance of up to 2 meters (in indoor) and 300 meters (in outdoor) can be achieved due to higher losses at high frequencies (such as millimeter waves). 5G mm-wave may suffer many such losses (penetration loss, attenuation due to rain, foliage loss, etc.

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