How to escape Elevators if stranded.

If you know you’ll be somewhere where you’ll most likely be taking an elevator, do not forget to bring your cell phone with you.

Try your best not to panic or scare someone else if others are trapped with you.

After attempting to get help, sit down and strike up an unrelated conversation if possible to get your mind off the circumstances for the moment.

You should always have a small snack in your pockets or bag to help fend off hunger in a tight situation, even if you won’t be traveling by elevator.

Most elevator mechanics agree that you can’t pry open the doors if you’re aligned with a floor.

There’s a lock mechanism that makes it impossible. And if you’re not aligned with a floor you will have a very difficult time getting into the hallway. It’s also impossible to get out through the escape hatch from the inside; an elevator mechanic must come and open it from on top of the cab. If you get stuck in an elevator, press the call button, talk to the technician and sit tight. Make small talk, exploit social media to tell people how exciting your day-to-day life is, or whatever else you do at work to pass the time. The fire department and the elevator mechanic will be there shortly to get you back on the ground.

Only attempt to escape if you can clearly see that the elevator is close to level with the floor and not stuck in an awkward position.

Force the elevator car doYors open.

This should not be hard because only magnetic interlocks prevent the elevator car doors from opening.

See where the elevator is positioned.

Use the doors on the outside and see how far off the doors are from reach. If the elevator is at most two feet above the current floor, then proceed on.

Pull the interlock holding the shaft door closed down, then open the door.

Step (or jump) down onto the floor below you. Keep your balance when landing.

Assist other passengers.

Persons with disabilities may need assistance escaping the elevator.

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