How to stop Pornography.

While looking at pornography can sometimes have positive consequences, it can also become an unhealthy addiction. If pornography is negatively impacting your life, then you may be thinking about ways to cut back.

Start a daily exercise routine.

Because exercise releases endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals, many people use it to compensate when quitting an addiction.

Destroy your pornography collection.

As long as this material is around, falling back into the habit will be easy. Delete pornographic files on your computer and mobile devices. Throw away pornographic magazines, discs, and all other pornographic material.

Install antiporn software on your computer and mobile devices.

There are many programs available, but in most cases you will need a friend to create the password for you in secret, so you are not able to bypass the block.

Qustodio has an extensive array of options, and works on just about any computer and mobile device, except for Linux. Free and premium versions are available.

On a Windows computer, you can use Microsoft Family Safety for free.

Norton Family Online is a free option for Windows, Android, and iOS. Try additional features with a 30-day free trial of the premium version.

Covenant Eyes, a Christian company, offers a service for $10/month for computers and mobile devices, and can prevent even the account owner from bypassing the protection.

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Disable your internet access whenever possible.

If you’re likely to spend your time trying to circumvent your site-blocking software, stop the attempt in advance by turning off the WiFi or unplugging your Ethernet cable from your computer or mobile device whenever you aren’t using the internet for other purposes.

If no one else is using the network, unplug or turn off your router or modem as well. The more steps it takes to get back online, the less likely you are to give in during a moment of weakness.

Start a daily exercise routine.

Because exercise releases endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals, many people use it to compensate when quitting an addiction.

Take a vacation or a weekend trip to begin your effort.
Habits are often easier to change when accompanied by a change in environment or circumstances.

Ask a friend to introduce you to his hobby.

Social activities automatically introduce you to a person or group encouraging you to stick with the change, even if she doesn’t know your reasons for picking up the hobby.

Fill your time with other activities.

Frequent boredom may contribute to pornography addiction. If you spend your free time bored and alone, the temptation to seek out porn will be more difficult to resist. Find something else to occupy yourself.

Make yourself accountable.

Even before you start clearing your hard drive, approach your spouse, friend, or respected community member and announce your intention to cut pornography out of your life.

Finding someone who will support you through the high points and low during this effort will make quitting much easier. There are even online support communities that can help you to abstain from porn and other activities as well, such as masturbation and/or sex.

This also helps with the practical task of installing anti-porn software, without you yourself knowing the password.

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