3 great sign that a guy does not want a lady.

People of the opposite sex are sometimes hard to understand. When dealing with a person romantically, some red flags can be easily missed as your reasoning is clouded with romantic emotions.

Some warning signs that the situation won’t end well always go unnoticed. Below we talk about three(3) clear signs that he doesn’t want you.

1. He never compromises

This is closely similar to the first scenario. If he never compromises on things that matter to you, then you’re never the exception to any rule.

He can never compromise on what you both do, not even how much he spends on a date. Everything is set in stone for him. There is almost no chance of changing his mind. You risk developing self-esteem issues if you stay.

they summarised this situation by explaining that if you have to swim across the ocean to make him happy, but he won’t step over a paddle for you, then you’re on completely different pages.

2. He hasn’t defined the relationship

Not all people like using labels when they’re involved with other people. For those who want a clear definition of a romantic situation, the relationship should ideally be defined. When a man truly wants something, he will always make it crystal clear.

You are free to ask him to define the relationship. How he answers you will be a dead giveaway of where his mind is. They says that if he starts his answer with “but”, or downplays your question, he straight up doesn’t want you. In other words, if he doesn’t make his intentions with you crystal clear, then it’s crystal clear that he’s not really into you.

3. His rules or the highway

This man controls various aspects of your relationship including where you two hang out, what you do when together, or even what you eat. He likes things done at his convenience irrespective of whether or not it inconveniences you. If you express your boundaries and counteract his “laws”, he starts to act distant with you.

From this, it’s clear that he didn’t really want you, to start with. He just wants to have you around. You are convenient for him and that is that. He is only cool with you when you do things on his terms, but as soon as you start becoming an inconvenience, he is out!

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