5 Skills That Can Make You Ultra Wealthy

Here are five skills you can possess to become an ultra wealthy individual:

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1. Calculations

You have to master calculations if you want to master your money. Calculations Let’s say you want to make one crore rupees in a year well there’s two hundred and fifty working days or forty thousand a day which is one crore rupees in a year or nine lakhs in a month. Now if I had known those calculations then I probably would have reached a million dollar mark a lot sooner the calculator can become your best friend, but you have to learn how to use it every single day whether you use it on your phone or you use it on your desk. Make sure you punch your numbers in so you realize where your money is and how many people you’re reaching, how many hours you’re working and so you understand the numbers that go into every single thing that you’re currently doing.

2. Avoidance

Practice avoiding all the things that distract your wealth from negative people, places, environments anything that keeps you away from becoming a richer person

There’s an old saying that “If your right-hand causes you to sin, chop it off” and what that basically means is that if there’s something out that’s distracting you or keeping you away from your goals or your purpose it’s time to take it away and to prohibit yourself and there are many examples of this let’s say for instance that you always go on Instagram and there are one or two particular pages that always get you in trouble trying to block those pages and keep yourself away from looking at those pages or for instance.

Let’s say you play video games try to prohibit yourself from playing video games by giving the actual game to someone that you can trust so that you can play only once a week instead of once a day. Well some people might say I can’t avoid my negative family members, negative people I work with or even my environment but you can change your decisions, you can change your actions and you can change the way you program yourself when you’re within that environment furnace. When i first started out on my journey i couldn’t change my whole environment but i could change the way i was talking to myself.

So if people were gossiping or they’re talking about death, violence, and foolishness I would say to myself I’m successful, I’m happy, I’m becoming richer every day, I’m moving to greater places, I’m surrounded by better people and I firmly believed it until I was able to manufacture that result. Make sure you understand the power of avoidance, avoid the negative people, the negative environments, the negative conversations and start to go into more positive interactions in your mind and in your environment.

3. Gratitude

when you look at successful people you’ll always hear them saying that they’re thankful for their fans, they’re thankful for their business, they’re thankful for who they are and what they’ve become because their gifts and their talents and their skills and their abilities have helped them to leverage themselves and promote them to where they are.

Today show gratitude to the universe and the universe will show gratitude to you, in fact, this is a route that most spiritual people take. They understand that gratitude is blessing all the things that they have instead of accounting for the things that they don’t have.

Most people are so busy condemning the things that they have in their environments and the people around them instead of understanding how human nature actually works and how their environment can actually help them and where the opportunities actually are. Once you begin to take inventory the things that you have what you don’t want will eventually move out of your way.

Make a list of five things every morning or every night of that you’re most thankful for it could be as small as having a full head of hair or as big as having a house, either way, be thankful for what you have and you’ll start to see your results increase as time goes on.

4. Action

Take action and ask yourself what is it that I can do that I’m not currently doing, what are some easy changes that I can make right now that I’m not making, something as simple as screwing in a light bulb or writing something down on paper or calling your mother your father.

It’s so easy to do that you can do right now make a list of these items I always use post-it notes because it keeps me in touch with the things that I have to do to-do lists are very powerful if you learn how to use them if you learn how to write them down and check them off your list, it will give you the satisfaction you need to take more action and accumulated actions means to accumulate a success. Sometimes our minds want to take the path of least resistance, this basically means that at the end of the day some of us don’t really want to work, we don’t really want to think about the things we have to do. Our mind just wants to rest but you have to always say to yourself do it now, get it done, make it happen and start to abide by that understanding start taking action at higher levels.

5. Questioning

When you ask questions you raise your self-awareness because now you’re looking for solutions, now you’re looking for answers and you’re also looking for more questions which will provide more answers to your life.

Ask yourself what do I go to the school or what do I go to this job or why do I have my family situated in this way when you begin to present yourself with more questions more opportunities will arise and you will get solutions.

When you ask the right questions average people answer their questions but successful people question their answer they question why they’ve concluded on what they’ve concluded on and they search for more answers but they also search for more questions so they can figure out what those answers actually are.

I asked myself questions every single day one of my favorite questions is what exactly did I learn today and what changes could I make today so that tomorrow can be a better day. Ask yourself questions all the time and it will unlock the powers of your mind.

Written by : Mohammed Abubakar

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