Google Offers $1.5m ‘Prize’ For Detecting Any Pixel Phone Bugs

Google is raising its reward to hackers who can figure out security flaws in some of its Android smartphones (Titan M chip) from $200,000 to $1.5m.

Hackers or security researchers who can detect or find bugs in the “Titan M security chip” (The Titan M security chip in Pixel smartphones is designed to protect the integrity of their operating system and to store biometric data, which is used to unlock the phone) will be get the new top prize on meeting some specific criteria.

Google reported that it had paid out over $4m to security researchers since 2015.

Companies like Apple, Buzzfeed, Facebook, BBC and Samsung, also offer rewards for reporting security flaws so they can be fixed.

These companies run so-called bug bounty schemes to encourage people to report flaws, so that they can be fixed, rather than selling the exploits to criminals. Apple also willing to pay $1m to anyone who can hack or find bugs in it security.

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