Sweet And Funny Messages To Text To Your Girl

Are you looking for sweet or funny words to text or say to a girl? We got your back, here are loads of sweet and funny words to say to a girl.

A girl reading a message on her phone | Credit: Marco_Piunti | Getty Images

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Sweet Things To Text A Girl To Make Her smile

Many men say they do not like words of tenderness and say them unwillingly for the sake of decency. Maybe they are shy or really so masculine, but the fact remains as it is girls need romantic words. They want to see a courteous gentleman next to them. Therefore, you will have to learn to write lovely and romantic words if you don’t want to lose your girl. So, what sweet messages can write to a girl to make her smile:

I am lost in your love; I wish you could see right to my soul to see how much I love you.

No matter how hard I try to fall asleep, I cannot stop thinking about you

During the day I think of being with you by my side, at night I dream about you.

Your love is a shining star in my soul. I love you.

I will climb a mountain, just to meet you, I will drive more than 1000 kilometers just to be by your side, and you are a joy to my soul. I love you.

Words cannot explain how you have changed my life. I love you, sweetheart!

Every time I think of you my heart just melts, the things you have done to me no one else can do. I love you.

I would wait for you for if you asked me to, no matter how many decades. That’s how much I love you.

My life was not in order until I met you. Since then my life has fallen in order.

You are my beautiful queen; I hope you will allow me to be always your king.

I wish I were your mirror; I could look at you every morning. I love you, my dear.

Sweet dreams my love. I hope I’m in them.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Should I walk past you again?

You’re already on my mind, and have just woken up, what about the whole day.

Funny Things To Text A Girl To Make

Let it sound trite, but if you have a good sense of humor, then why not give your girl a couple of excellent jokes.

Here are examples of funny things to say or write to a girl to make her smile:

You must be ready to give me CPR because I lost my breath the minute I saw you.

I am sorry to inform you that I have to take your license away since you’re driving me crazy.

Is your name Global Warming? Because you just made Antarctica melt.

Hi Miss, I am sorry to give you bad news over text like this, but you are offending other girls by walking around and being as beautiful as you are.

Come on girl. Give me my heart back because I lost it when I first laid eyes on you.

I am in pain now because I hurt my knee when I fell for you.

If you were a food item, I would have eaten all of you now.

When I saw you, I thought that I had died and came to heaven. Because you surely look angelic to me.

Is your name Angela? Because you look like an angel.

Your name must be beautiful and my name is very. Isn’t this a match made in heaven?

Are they actually using heaters in here or is it because the hottest girl in the world just entered this room?

Girl, you should immediately visit a doctor because I guess you are suffering from too much beauty all over your body.

I am sorry if I just looked at you and didn’t say anything. My jaw dropped when I saw how beautiful you are.

Was it an earthquake or was it just you that shook my world?

I think I am blind now and it’s all your fault! You blinded me with your beauty!

Choose the text messages to your taste and send to your lady. The undoubted advantage of text messages is that you can think over the message well before sending it and find the perfect words so that the girl will surely smile and melt. Practice and soon, you’ll become a real expert in making women smiles.


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