In this post you will see the most expensive ball in the world worth over $2 million dollars that costlier that most of our expensive cars.

This soccer ball has never been used in a World Cup, the Olympics, or any major sporting event, yet it will set you back over $2 million. In fact, the ball has never been kicked before and probably never will, thanks to its 4.8-pound weight.

Shimansky Ball worth $2.3 million dollars

This dazzlingly beautiful toy is encrusted with 3500 carats of South African diamonds, comprising 2640 black diamonds and 6620 white diamonds.

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Created by Shimansky , a leading South African jewelry brand in honor of the 2010 World Cup, this ball is one of the most valuable and expensive toys you can find.It took three months to design and manufacture this work of art. Another reason for the creation of this ball was to attract wealthy tourists and sports lovers to patronize the brand.

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