See the world most expensive christmas tree the PRICE will SHOCK You.

World most expensive Christmas Tree filled with precious stones and jewelries worth $15 million dollars, this tree equals to=

  • A Average Mansion = $5,000,000
  • Bugatti Veyron= $3,000,000
  • 500 iPhone11 Pro Max= $545,500
  • 2000 Airpods Pro= $480,000
  • Lamborghini’s Veneno Roadster= $5.45 million
  • 1,750 Play Station 4 = 525,000

These are things that can be acquired in place of a standing Christmas Tree.

This Christmas, visitors to the Kempinski Hotel Bahia, near Marbella, Spain will be treated to the sight of the hotel’s c hristmas tree, decked out with diamonds, precious stones and designer jewelry.
The tree is dripping with diamonds, sapphires and designer jewelry.

Credit: Kempinski Hotel Bahia

The tree is decorated with red, white, pink and black diamonds, the tree, designed by Debbie Wingham, is worth a staggering £11.9 million ($15 million), according to the hotel.
As well as diamonds, the tree is embellished with upcycled jewelry from Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chanel, 3D-printed chocolate peacocks, feathers, ostrich eggs and bottles of perfume.

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The world most expensive christmas tree also worth the price of Taylor Swift mansion, we expect to see more surprising and expensive things and decorations this season of Christmas.

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