7 Things Nigeria Have Achieved That No Other Country Have


Nigeria who gain her Independence in 1960 is now 59 years old and have achieved a lot that no other country especially in Africa have ever achieved.

Gwari, Nigeria |Credit: Fatima Muhammad / EyeEm/Getty Images |

Here are 7 things Nigeria have achieved:

1. A Peaceful Country Despite Over 200 languages and Ethnic

Nigeria is a blessed nation truly with over 200 languages and ethnic groups and still peaceful, there’s no religious crises or tribalism in Nigeria.

Especially in Lagos, The largest city in Nigeria, this is a home to all, Nigeria with a large population of over 200,000,000 people live peacefully and safe.

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2. Best Musicians In Africa

When talking about music in Africa, the best is from Nigeria, from Wizkid to Davido to Tiwa Savage to Burna Boy, We got it all.

Any award to African music, Nigerians can never be optional or not involved, Nigerians have influence so many with the Afro pop and Afro beats from nice and talented musicians and producers.

3. Best Film Producers in Africa

Nigeria is the best film producers in Africa and third in the world, after Hollywood and India’s Bollywood is Nigeria’s Nollywood. Nigerians are good they got the talent, skills, knowledge and resources to proof that.

Nigeria have produced over 10,000 films this year alone from all main ethnics, the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, are all involved.

4. No. 1 Rice Producers In Africa

Nigeria surpassed Egypt to be the No. 1 producers of rice in Africa in 2019.

The land is fertile, agriculture is Nigerians culture right from time but due to some brain drains and desire to acquire a white collar job the Agriculture in Nigeria don’t add much to the economy.

5. Largest Economy In Africa

Nigeria can boast of a fertile land, natural resources and largest number of educated people

Nigeria economy is the largest in Africa surpassing the South African economy.

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6. Best and Largest Army in West Africa

Nigeria possess the best Army in West Africa, the 4th best and largest military in Africa, Nigeria have supported many Africa countries in war and funds.

7. Nigeria Is One of the Largest Producers Of Crude Oil

Nigeria is the world’s 12th largest crude oil producer and also the 8th largest exporter, producing on average 2,525,000 barrels daily.

This is one of the main blessing God gave to Nigeria, the oil. The oil contributes largely to Nigeria economy contributing 85% of Nigeria government revenue.

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