Google Founders Page and Brin stepping down from top roles

On Tuesday, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced they are stepping down from top roles at Google and Alphabet.

They will leave their respective roles as Alphabet’s chief executive officer and president but remain on the board.

See their statement below:

“We’ve never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there’s a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President,” their letter said.

They are stepping back from the day-to-day management of the company and will just remain in the board.

A joint letter said they would remain “actively involved as board members, shareholders and co-founders”, but said it was the “natural time to simplify our management structure”.

Google which was founded 21 years ago by Larry Page and Sergey Brin have become one of the biggest company in the world so the duo wants to ripped off the day to day management of this online search engine and they be will replaced by Sundar Pichai.

Sundar Pichai will now serve as CEO of both companies ( Google and Alphabet), The 47-year-old was born in India, where he studied engineering. He went on to study in the US at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania before joining Google in 2004.

Here is Mr Pichai statement:

“The founders have given all of us an incredible chance to have an impact on the world,” Mr Pichai said. “Thanks to them, we have a timeless mission, enduring values, and a culture of collaboration and exploration that makes it exciting to come to work every day. “It’s a strong foundation on which we will continue to build. Can’t wait to see where we go next and look forward to continuing the journey with all of you.”

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