Nice tips on how to improve your vocabulary

If you want to expand your vocabulary, this article is for you. Using the tops below will increase your word power greatly:


  • Write more. Keep a diary of journal if you don’t already. Constantly flexing your writing muscles will keep your vocabulary strong
  • Try to make a journal of synonyms/antonyms so that you can easily organize/learn the degree of “expression” of a particular word. For example, the word “destitute” sounds more intense than the word “poor”.
  • Frequent use of filler words such as “Like…”, “So…”, “Um…”, “Ain’t” and “Yea…” can make even people with large, more constructed vocabularies sound unlearned. Stay away from the unnecessary words and contractions.
  • You can purchase pre-attached, small, blank vocabulary cards which you can place into your bag or pocket and carry anywhere. Write the new words you’re learning on them and pull out the flashcards while you’re on the bus, in a queue, waiting to collect someone and brush up your learning.
  • Look on the back of products you have in your house (soda cans, food boxes, shampoo bottles etc.) They’re bound to have complex words written on them.
  • One of the most commonly used word websites,, has a small section at the bottom of their homepage showing popular searches of the day.
  • There are many websites devoted to improving vocabulary. Find your favorites and make the most of them.
  • Download a Free Dictionary App to your smartphone. Capture the image of the definition using the screenshot function so that you can easily review your words at a later point.
  • Do word puzzles and play word games.
  • Word puzzles are an excellent source of improving your vocabulary. As well as improving your vocabulary, puzzles are also good for improving your critical thinking skills. Try such games as Scrabble, Boggle, and Cranium to extend your vocabulary.
  • Read the thesaurus. Look up words you use a lot so you can learn similar words, and use those words as well.
  • Read voraciously. Once you leave school, you won’t get word drills and homework assignments that force you to learn new words. It can be easy to stop reading. If you want to build your vocabulary, establish a reading regimen and stick to it.

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