5 Information You Should Never Share Online

We are in the 21st century, a digital, information and computer age.

Statistics shows that over 3 billion people are making use of the internet, and over 2 billion people are making use of the social medias.

People are now used to sharing and posting things on social medias, both reasonable and unreasonable things.

Cybercrime is increasing so as cybercriminals too, the only way we can be safe is by having knowledge of what to and not to share online.

Quickly but Carefully read this article to

1. Your Business Status

Many do this on social medias especially Facebook, it has it advantage and disadvantage to you.

Putting this online can attract thefts, criminals, hackers etc who wants to scam a person, do the first thing they will look at is the person’s business status.

So keep this information in a safe arrs

2. Your Personal Information

What’s personal is personal, don’t share your DOB, address, full name, email online.

3. Your Travel Plans

You are going out of town, you don’t have to share this unless you want to expect bad things on the way. Remember social medias are full of different kind of people.

4. Your IMEI number

Your international mobile equipment identity shouldn’t be shared online to avoid being tracked.

5. Your Phone Number

Putting this online will get you into trouble, it attracts text scams about jobs, family, your bank and will expose you to all kind of scams online.

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