New YouTube Policy Bans “Malicious Insults And Threat”

YouTube has for a long time been used as a platform for bad actors to launch massive campaigns of targeted harassment against individuals.

YouTube will no longer allow videos that “maliciously insult someone” based on “protected attributes” such as race, gender identity or sexuality.The video-sharing platform will also ban “implied threats of violence” as part of its new harassment policy.


YouTube added, catching up to what targets of coordinated online abuse campaigns have been saying for the better part of a decade. The pattern of behavior will now be something the platform takes into account.

YouTube’s new harassment policy may face financial harm for doing so,

YOUTUBE says: We’re tightening our policies for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to get even tougher on those who engage in harassing behavior and to ensure we reward only trusted creators. Channels that repeatedly brush up against our harassment policy will be suspended from YPP, eliminating their ability to make money on YouTube ( SITE MONETIZATION ) . We may also remove ( DELETE ) content from channels if they repeatedly harass someone.

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