8 Great Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is very important as you have invested quite a sum on it. Also there might be some very confidential information in it and you don’t want that slipping away easily. Here are a list of ways you can use to make your cell phone last longer.

1.) Buy a case and screen protector.

These will take care of your phone by preventing it from being subject to knocks and scratches. This helps to keep the phone’s appearance longer and may also protect it from some internal damage should you accidentally knock or drop the phone.

2.) Always use genuine chargers and accessories.

Cheaper ones that are not compatible or made for going with your brand of phone can harm the phone or lessen its lifespan.


3.) Clean your phone regularly.

Use dry tissue paper or alcohol wipes to clean the phone’s exterior surfaces. Do not use water, baby wipes, or other cleaners that may inadvertently add moisture to your phone.

4.) Clean it properly.

Never use a spray bottle to clean your phone. You should, instead, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and touch it lightly over the keypad.
Use this only on the exterior part of the phone and never inside.
For touch-screen phones, use a soft, lint-free cloth for further protection.

5.) Try not to drop your phone

The most general cause of damage of cell phones is dropping it. To prevent this from happening, always hold on to your phone tightly. It would be a good idea to make use of a cell phone lanyard so that you can wear your cell phone around your neck and not worry about dropping it on the ground accidentally. Like other cell phone accessories, cell phone lanyards can also be bought via the online route.

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6.) Avoid heat and cold.

Avoid placing it near heat sources like the stove, furnace, chimney, and under the sun. Don’t leave it out in the cold, either.

7.) Avoid getting it near a source of moisture.

Cell phones can be damaged even by slight dampness.

Always have a waterproof bag handy so that you can slip your phone inside it in case it rains.

If ever your phone becomes wet, save it by turning it off, removing the parts like SIM card and battery, and by drying the mechanisms using a clean absorbent towel.

8.) Protect it from theft.

Damage in the cell phone’s mechanism is not the only thing that can take your phone away from you. It’s also possible that someone might steal your phone, so guard it at all times and protect it just like you would with any of your valuables.

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