Tips On How To Put Out Fire 🔥

Fire are accidents they happen unexpectedly so here are some tips on how to put out fire before bit spreads.

1. Use baking soda or salt on grease fires.

If you’re frying and the grease catches on fire, You can use the pot lid, or use a slightly damp towel to smother the fire, but usually the safest and quickest method is to sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda or salt onto the grease to quickly absorb it and eliminate the fire at the source.

Avoid using water or flour on grease fires. Flour can ignite, making the fire worse, and–since water doesn’t mix with oil–water can cause the oil to spray elsewhere, throwing flaming oil onto other nearby surfaces

3. Use dirt or sand as an alternative for water.

Simegimes sand are preferable and can be used as an alternative to water.

Add a more or less equal amount of sand or dry dirt to the embers and stir it around to coat the smoldering embers, putting them out. Continue slowly adding the sediment to the fire and stirring until its cold enough to touch.

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3. Try to extinguish the fire with water/ Fire extinguisher.

If you’re close enough to the brush to use a hose, take advantage of the water as soon as possible.

Control the fire by using an equipment around you like bucket or pot of water, and wet the ground where the fire is likely to spread to or use a fire extinguisher.

4. Find a safe place to stay if the the fire is unquenchable.

Find a safe place to stay in the fire reaches an unacceptable level, If smoke and heat becomes intense, cover your mouth with your shirt, preferably wetting it first.

Drop to the ground and roll to smother and extinguish the flames. Do not run, as this will provide more oxygen to fuel the fire.

5. Call the fire department immediately in the event of electrical fires.

It’s extremely dangerous to try to control or extinguish electrical fires yourself because they’re very difficult to anticipate and trace the source of. Get out of your home immediately, getting everyone to safety, and call the fire department.

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