Juice Wrld Worth Before He Died(Net Worth).

He was a star on the rise, before he passed away a week ago and Juice Wrld’s name and talent was certainly in demand, having worked with some of hip hop’s biggest deals over the past few months.

But how much was the rapper actually worth? Born in Chicago, he rose to fame following the release of his hit song, “Lucid Dreams.” He was just a teenager at the time, but his fusion of rap and rock captivated an audience eager for some feeling.

He was one of the brightest voices in the so called ‘emo rap genre.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Juice WRLD had a $4 million net worth at the time of his death.

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This is almost certain to grow if his estate is handled right, and can reap millions for any of his dependents, in the future.

Juice WRLD died on Dec. 8 after having a seizure in Chicago’s Midway International Airport. According to TMZ, the rapper had just gotten off a flight from California and was walking through the airport when he went into distress. When paramedics arrived, Juice WRLD was “conscious” but bleeding from his mouth. He was transported to a hospital, where he died.

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