Things People Do In The Name Of Love That Is Really Bad (are you among those people?).

Wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding.

There are things that have made people single. If only they have address it on time by now they should have been settle.

1. Fighting your family because of your relationship.

Some girls 👭 fight with their family because of the love they have for their boyfriend or boy lover they always do what the boy ask them to do and go against their family rules and regulations and this is bad 📛

2. Falling in love with a man when you haven’t falling into love with GOD.

If you have no relationship with God don’t have a relationship with anybody. I have seen many ladies who are in hurry to marry without knowing GOD my dear you are in a marital risk. Men are very happy when the woman they want to marry knows GOD.


This is only for those from a religious home

3. Exchanging naked pictures with the guy you want to marry.

Does it happen or not?? 😏 📒?

You can easily be ruin by this singular act. When there are issues a partner can threaten the other partner with those nicked pictures. Can I tell you that men are inquisitive. When a guy ask you to send him your nicked picture just know that he is useless.

4. Staying with a man who has not paid your dowry.

This is the height of disrespect for your self to stay with a man who has not paid your dowry. Any man who has not paid your dowry has no regards for you. Men 🚹 respect a lady who respect her self.

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