Sure way to boost your ovulation naturally

To increase ovulation naturally food and Nutrition plays a crucial role in stimulating ovulation. The woman must be supplied with all necessary elements and vitamins. They usually contain folic acid, which is responsible for the formation of the nervous system of the future baby.

The list of foods for ovulation stimulation is vast non exhaustible.
They include but are not limited to;
Cheese; milk of different fat content; kefir; apples, fresh pineapples; carrot; sesame; soybeans; chicken; eggs; fresh and boiled beets; tomatoes.

But there is a positive, tested and attempted recipe which has worked for so many ladies and still running particularly in our clime right here.
if you try this technique too with any luck you could convey your own child before long.

Essential Items;

-40 leaves of fertility plant (newbouldia laevis) popularly known as the tree of life or fertility tree in Nigeria.The root and leaves are used in the
treatment of diseases such as fever, headache, convulsion,
epilepsy, and manic disorders.

-20 pieces of xylopia aethiopic

-40 leaves of Alstonia boneei

-5 litre of water

2 bottles of honey

Method of preparation

Cook everything together excluding the honey and allow to boil for 10 minutes then allow to stand for 24 hours. Sieve and add the honey

It is ready for use.

Dosage; 1 shot 3 times daily

Note: please stop taking when you miss your period.
The only known side effect so far is that its slightly laxative.

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