China Officially Launched Its Second But First Domestically-Built Aircraft Carrier

China New Aircraft Carrier Enters Service

On Tuesday 17th of December, 2019 China officially launched and commissioned its second aircraft carrier, but this is the first aircraft carrier built domestically, the Shandong.

China is stepping forward and making military advances as this is the vision of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to strengthen their military and building a world class navy.

Xi presented a Chinese flag and a certificate with the ship’s official name to the ship’s captain and political commissar, according to state-run news agency.

The Shandong is not the first aircraft carrier but the Liaoning which was commissioned 7 years ago, China bought the Liaoning from Ukraine in 1998.

The Shandong is way better than the Liaoning, it has one-third more capacity, offering space for 36 aircraft. That is really large but not compared to the US carriers

US carriers are larger and equipped with more diverse and capable aircraft. The US military also has decades of experience using them, including in combat.

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