5 WhatsApp contacts you must delete before 2020(a must)

WhatsApp needs no introduction. It is undoubtedly the king of cross-platform instant messaging applications popular with end-users who do not have unlimited text messaging. Beyond its social networking capabilities, it has also allowed more businesses to market their products and services at no cost to their immediate contacts.

One would think that with the proximity WhatsApp affords everyone and every business, it will make social interaction easier and selling and buying easier for especially small businesses but it hasn’t been largely so. Amongst so many factors, small business owners would need to take a second look at their contact list as it constitutes who appears on their Whatsapp and start considering trimming down their old contacts and adding more valuable ones that can become clients and customers.

There are 5 of such contacts you as an entrepreneur should consider delisting from your contact before 2020.

1. WWShopper

People who see what you are selling and buys from someone

These are the set of contacts who will consistently check your statuses, admire it, say they love it, show it to friends around but only end up asking you how much you sell. If the asking would later translate to purchase that will be okay; but no, they just want to have an idea of how much you sell to save up to buy from some random Instagram seller that has 1000 followers with 100 posts. In two weeks you’ll see this WhatsApp Window Shoppers (WWS) rocking exactly similar items they inquired and they can be so funny, they would prefer to buy at a higher cost because they want to prove a point; the point I don’t know.


People who see what you are selling and looks away all the time

The only word I can ascribe to a contact who sees quality items on sale and looks away without a simple compliment is either Wickedly Broke or Broke Wickedly. Even to say ‘’Well done’’, I love your stuff, na wahala. A Yoruba proverb says “Lets appreciate the man who sees us and frown, after all, there are some who saw us and never even did as though they did. As terrible as the WWS are, at least they will ask for the price but not these set. They will check out all your posts but to just compliment “This is quality” or “I love this’’ they will never do. All they do is move to the next persons status and the next till the next hour when they do the same again.


People who saw your Status consistent and never said Hi

Let’s even assume that WhatsApp is just purely for what it is called ‘’ a social messaging app’’. How do you have a contact on a social messaging app for 365 days and not a single ‘’HI’’ or ‘’HELLO’’? It’s either you delist the contact or the contact delists you. When you need yourselves, you will get it from their friend -#MyOpinion

WhatsApp abusers as their name suggests are only interested in your status updates not socializing or your well-being per see. You see them check out all your posts but they will never say “Hello”. Even when you make attempts at checking up on them, their response could get you depressed the coldness, late responses, the one-word replies, etc. They can so form business you would think they are responsible for moving the world clock. No matter what you do to get social with them, don’t expect them to ever chat you up first.


People who you only get their message when they broadcast

These sets are quite peculiar. They will only remember you when they are about to send their next broadcast. If your name on their contact list starts with A, you would be their regular target. Expecting What’s a patio nail Speakers to check on you or buy from you is like expecting a cat to love bones. They most times don’t share anything in common with you but, for some reason, they are your contact. If just occupying your contact list is all they do, that will be okay but these set of WhatsApp contact will ensure you are part of their broadcast list any time they get their “copy and paste” posts. They will suddenly turn to motivational speakers or pastors and expects you to type “AMEN” to their stolen prayer points.


People who only forward unverifiable messages

These set WhatsApp contacts are the biggest carrier of all the news and information around the world with no single diploma in journalism, no certificate on research and no sense of responsibility to fact-check their information. You see them forward and at times put ‘’Sent as received to recuse them from the consequence of the information they forwarded.

Ask them whether they have read the information they sent, they will most likely refer to the headline alone because most time doesn’t read through. They are the biggest purveyor of devotionals, prayer points, tale gist, and gossips. If it was only that, it would be good but the element of falsehood and unverifiable information they forward with confidence is alarming.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. If we take advantage of it to patronize friends and family in businesses, also use it to check on the well-being of colleagues, old friends, etc, we would have fewer people in depression and ultimately make the world a better place with the use of technology.

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